Trump’s obstruction of justice scandal has been blown wide open

Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s ruling in the FOIA case against the DOJ is absolutely devastating to Bill Barr, Rod Rosenstein, and the half-dozen senior DOJ officials whose names appear therein.

The DOJ attempted to improperly redact a large portion of a memo that documented, in real time, the whitewash operation that Barr was orchestrating to downplay the conclusions of Robert Mueller’s report. In these cases, the court has the option to review the redacted material to verify that it has been properly withheld.

The DOJ strenuously objected to this in camera review by the judge. “Nothing to see here” was the message. You don’t need to read the blacked-out material. Trust us.

Instead, the DOJ misrepresented the content and purpose of the redacted material in court filings. The two DOJ managers who made these representations to the court should be the first to sit down with investigators to explain their actions. Were they duped into doing this, or were they knowing participants in obstruction of justice in a case with national security implications?

The judge ruled that these misrepresentations by the DOJ were made “in bad faith.” This is extremely damning, as it goes far beyond the presumption that these were honest mistakes. Judge Jackson has read the redacted material, and has concluded that Bill Barr, Rod Rosenstein and their deputies intentionally misled her court in a misguided effort to cover up their conspiracy.

The United States Attorney General is the nation’s highest-ranking law enforcement official. For the USAG to have been engaged in conspiracy to obstruct justice, perjuring himself to congress in the process, is an outrageous violation of the sacred public trust. This cannot, and will not go unanswered.

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