The phony Arizona recount debacle just got even more insane

This is a follow up to another article I wrote recently about the Department of Justice requesting information from the Arizona Senate leader Karen Fann, regarding Cyber Ninja’s ongoing audit of 2.1 million ballots, which the DOJ said it had reason to believe may not be being held or handled in a secure, proper or legal manner.

At that time, Fann had reported that attorneys were working on a response to the DOJ’s letter. But Arizona officials involved in the Republican-commissioned ‘audit’ or recount have now brushed off the DOJ’s concerns, raising the possibility of a clash between state and federal authorities.

Former Arizona SOS Ken Bennett, the audit’s spokesman, said Thursday that Fann plans to tell the DOJ that there is no need for federal involvement, arguing that the ballots are being guarded 24 hours a day. Bennett added that Cyber Ninjas has not begun interviewing voters, but pledged there would be no intimidation. “This is a matter between the Arizona Senate and Maricopa County. We don’t see any grounds for anyone else to intervene.”

But Arizona’s current SOS Katie Hobbs separately outlined problems observed by election experts who have monitored the recount on behalf of her office, including ballots left unattended. Hobbs later told a reporter that she and others met with the DOJ Thursday to express concerns.

“This is potentially precedent-setting,” said Hobbs. “We think they’re writing the playbook here to take across the country.” (There’s no telling how many precedent-setting crimes Trump has been involved in.) “I don’t think they’re at a place where they don’t think they legally can send in observers.”

Fann did not respond to a request for comment. @ArizonaAudit tweeted late Wednesday, “Arizona has the authority to conduct this audit without interference from the Feds!”

And you don’t have the right to interfere with our ballots and voting, either. Who the hell do these people think they are? They’re writing laws to be able to record us and intimidate us while we’re voting, yet they refuse to even let the feds have a look-see at what they’re doing?


Surely this cannot just be perfectly legal, but even if it is so far, they will find a way to break the law if necessary to prove their point and we all know it. My best bet is they have already made some Biden ballots disappear. We absolutely must (and will) pass HR1/S1 or we will be dealing with these type of lowlifes forever.

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