Russia pinged Trump Tower’s Russian email server about once per hour throughout campaign

Now that Donald Trump has unwittingly brought the focus of the public and the media back onto Trump Tower by falsely claiming President Obama had the place wiretapped, the newfound attention has reignited a previous storyline into an alleged Russian email server inside the building. The server was first exposed by Slate four months ago, but now new details are being dug up about its communications with Russia – and the numbers are staggering.

The Trump Tower email server was set up to only communicate with a very small handful of internet addresses, the main one being Alfa Bank in Russia. As Palmer Report has previously pieced together, one of the other approved internet addresses was Spectrum Health, a Michigan health care company controlled by Trump Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and her husband.

According to a new report from CNN, the Russian bank pinged the Trump Tower email server more than 2800 times during a four month period during the election – and the FBI is still investigating the server as part of its Trump-Russia investigation.

That means Russia was pinging the Trump Tower server an average of around once per hour from May through September, the height of the 2016 election cycle. As we’ve previously reported, traffic on the server spiked while Donald Trump campaign adviser Carter Page traveled to Moscow during the campaign – and then the server was shut down entirely just three days before Page announced he had departed the campaign.


It’s still anyone’s guess as to what this Trump Tower email server and the Russian bank were specifically communicating about. Those involved have previously tried to write it off as being a mere spam email server, though that excuse no longer holds up given what’s now known about the sheer volume and length of persistent communication. The data patterns suggest that the Russian email server was directly related to Carter Page, meaning it was in fact a Trump campaign tool of some kind. Contribute to Palmer Report

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