Ron Johnson goes completely off the deep end

Senator Ron Johnson recently gave an interview to 1130 WISN radio talk show host Jay Weber in which with a serious tone he stated that the Capitol attack “didn’t seem like an armed insurrection..but was a group of agitators”. He went on to state that Trump supporters are patriots, love this country and “would never participate in anything like what happened on January 6th”. Should we take this seriously? Of course not. This person is a buffoon.

This is the same Senator that went to Moscow with a group of Republican sleeper cell Senators and met with various Russian officials on July 4th of 2018…then not shockingly upon his return declared that US election meddling by Russia was overblown and sanctions had gone too far.

This is the same Senator who in his role as Chairman of Homeland Security authorized the issuance of 35 subpoenas in June of 2020 over Donald Trump’s war on the “Deep State” which at this point was a completely made up scandal called “Obamagate”.

This is the same Senator who in an attempt to out-dumb himself…later that same year authorized more subpoenas…this time for the conveniently timed Biden Ukraine investigation that cropped up just months before the election. Bonus, during this time he was also widely recognized as voluntarily disseminating Russian disinformation. Kudos!

I don’t know enough about Wisconsin to judge whether the voters there are getting the substantive service they deserve..but they’re certainly getting lip service and a bunch of other entertainment. Senator Johnson’s foolishness gives us another prime example of why it’s way past time for congressional term limits.

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