Florida Governor Ron DeSantis doesn’t stand a chance

Ron DeSantis will never be President. I say this because there has been a bit of buzz lately that the craven Governor is rising up the ranks and could be a contender. This was hyped by of all people Florida Representative Matt Gaetz.

The fact that Gaetz is the person talking about it should in itself be a reason to dismiss the talk. But even putting that aside, DeSantis does not have the gravitas needed to do the job.

Since taking office, DeSantis has pretty much made all of the wrong choices and none of the right. He was one of the last Governors to close anything in Florida, and as far as masks go, he seems to have a personal disdain for them, which isn’t good in the days of COVID. The slimy Governor has also been accused of not being honest or forthcoming regarding COVID numbers in Florida.

Then, of course, there is the controversy surrounding Rebekah Jones. In case you do not know who she is, Jones is the Florida Health worker who had her house raided by police with guns drawn. DeSantis tried to claim he did not know of any such raid, which is laughable.

The insincere Governor will never be President. He has too much of a past, and if that isn’t enough, he lacks any sort of charisma at all. There is a good chance he will not even be reelected as Governor.


If you want to see, the disgraceful Governor ousted, please follow @RemoveRon. This Twitter site is “dedicated to taking down Ron DeSantos in 2022.” They have 96.6 followers of now and could use more! Let’s make this man a one-term governor!

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