President Biden’s next big move

We are closing on one month into a Biden Administration yet we must remember what then still President-Elect Joe Biden said at the Major Beau Biden National Guard facility, “I know these are dark times, but there is always light.”

It might seem with the acquittal of Trump that these are the darkest of times… but let’s look to the important things that Biden must work on to make the light more powerful.

Getting more Americans vaccinated. Distribution is still a very serious hurdle to cross, but every week it seems to get a little better. More vaccines have been purchased and will be getting to people.

Getting Americans more relief with the American Rescue Plan. With or without GOP support, in the next few weeks, Biden should be able to move that through Congress. He wants GOP support, but won’t wait long to get it. Including raising the minimum wage is vital to the well-being of American families, because no one working a full time job should find themselves in poverty.

Getting Gun Safety moved forward. Let’s start with closing the Gun Ownership Loophole, then a national gun buyback to take guns voluntarily off the streets. I would love a return of the Brady Act, banning assault rifles. As the 3rd anniversary of the Parkland shooting is in the rear view mirror, we must move gun safety back to the front burner.

Getting the Tax Reform Bill of 2017 overturned/b> would be a good next item to focus on. If you want to increase tax revenue to help pay for Biden’s American Rescue Plan, the top 1% and corporations are a GOOD place to go. It did not result in any ‘trickle down economics’ and it was never going to do it.

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