NASA launches unofficial Twitter account in defiance of Donald Trump

You can count NASA as the third federal agency in the past twenty-four hours to defy Donald Trump by launching unofficial non-government Twitter accounts which Trump can’t control or sensor. First it was the National Park Service, which went rogue on Twitter after Trump forced deletions of factual tweets he didn’t like. Then the EPA went rogue earlier today. And now NASA has launched its own rogue Twitter account in order to make sure its truths are heard against Trump’s will.

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The rogue Twitter account in question, which is literally called @RogueNASA, has only existed for five hours and has already gained a significant popular following. It started off by tweeting “We cannot allow Mr. Trump to silence the scientific community. We need peer-reviewed, evidence-based research MORE THAN EVER now,” while adding “How sad is it that government employees have to create rogue Twitter accounts just to communicate FACTS to the American public?” The account has since been tweeting the kinds of scientific facts and climate change data which Trump is most likely to want censored — and there’s not a thing he can do about it.

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Because the identities of the NASA employees running @RogueNASA Twitter account are unknown, there is no way for Donald Trump to discipline them or fire them over it. And he can’t get the account forcibly shut down, because the NASA employees aren’t doing anything that would violate Twitter’s terms of service. In other words, Trump’s Twitter shenanigans have officially backfired.

The rogue NASA account has also been retweeting climate change data originally tweeted by Congressman Mark Takano, who has stated that he’s doing so specifically because Trump is trying to keep the data quashed. If you want to follow the unofficial NASA account here.

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