Donald Trump’s Muslim refugee ban conveniently exempts three nations he does business with

Donald Trump is already preparing to roll out his ban on Muslim immigrant refugees, working around the whole you-can’t-ban-a-religion thing by instead banning refugees from the nations whose populations are primarily Muslim. This comes as no surprise; Trump spent the past year insisting he would do this, even as his apologists insisted he didn’t mean it. But here comes the financially corrupt part to his racist plan: he’s excluding three Muslim nations he just happens to personally do business with.

Here’s a list of the Muslim nations which Trump plans to ban refugees from: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. Surely he must have some reason for choosing those nations, right? He’ll say it’s because they’re all in dangerous part of the world. Anyone with any sense will figure out that the one thing these nations truly have in common is that they’re all Muslim-dominated. So by Trump’s own logic, wouldn’t it make csense that Egypt, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia be included on his list?


And yet, as pointed out by Political Science Professor Ian Bremmer, those three nations are conveniently excluded. They’re in the same part of the world as the ones he’s banning. They’re all Muslim-dominated. They fit his criteria. And two of the three have governments that are currently unstable. But Donald Trump just happens to have personal business interests in Egypt, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia — and sure enough, he’s granting them an exemption. And so Trump’s Muslim ban isn’t merely racist and anti-American; it’s arguably a violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.

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