The Women’s March left Donald Trump “enraged.” The Scientists March should finish him off.

When the Women’s March on Washington and its sister marches in hundreds of other cities drew crowds that dwarfed Donald Trump’s inauguration by orders of magnitude. According to his own aides, when Trump saw the size of the protests against him on television, he became “visibly enraged” and threw a fit. That means the upcoming “Scientists March” should completely finish off what’s left of his fragile psyche.

Support Science.

One day after the idea was floated, public support for the Scientists March has exploded across social media. The Facebook group created to support the event already has more than three hundred thousand members, a stunning number for a single day of growth. It suggests that enthusiasm for another organized march against Trump is just as strong as ever, and that the Women’s March will end up not having been a one-time type of event. The Scientists March is likely to include numerous participants who aren’t scientists but who simply support science and scientific research, including climate change research.

In his handful of days since taking office, Donald Trump has clearly been distracted by the various protests against him, even going so far as to admit to an aide that he can’t “enjoy” being in the White House because of it. Now that detractors know how easy it is to distract him from his political agenda and get him to make himself look bad in the process, more protests such as the Scientists March could send him spiraling to the point of complete ineffectiveness. So when is it taking place?


That’s still rapidly being determined. Protest marches of this size typically require permits and advance planning. The Scientists March does have an official website which is being updated with details of the march as they get fleshed out. The march also has a Twitter account.

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