Donald Trump’s “millions of illegal votes” claim is based on fake research from a whack job

Now that recount efforts are underway in three key swing states that many observers don’t believe Donald Trump could possibly have won in legitimate fashion, and very real evidence is piling up to support it, he’s begun firing back with a prolonged stream of unhinged tweets. Among his most ludicrous assertions is the unfounded claim that “millions of people” illegally voted against him, for which he of course offered no evidence. But somebody did track down where Trump apparently got this fake information from, and it’s unnerving.

The website If Only You News did some detective work and determined that Donald Trump’s sudden claim bore a remarkable similarity to the equally bizarre claims of a right wing conspiracy theorist named Gregg Phillips. The individual in question claimed on Twitter, just three days after the election, to have somehow already completed and “analysis of database of 180 million voter registrations” and determined that the “number of non-citizen votes exceeds 3 million.”

Phillips since offered no evidence of any kind to support his claim of impossibly fast research skills, or his claim that millions of non-citizens somehow managed to register to vote – despite registration safeguards which make it more or less impossible to do so. But his unfounded claim was picked up by screaming maniac and gun fetishist Alex Jones, who runs InfoWars, an extremist alt right conservative conspiracy theory website one step below Breitbart.

Donald Trump is known to read these conservative propaganda sites, and appears to accept them as if they were truthful. So it appears that Trump is using his role as “president elect” to make a formal accusation of massive voter fraud based on nothing more than a string of alt right hearsay which can be traced back to an unsubstantiated claim that a random whack job made on Twitter.

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