Psychotic Donald Trump drags some random high school kid into his Twitter war with CNN

Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump’s meltdowns on Twitter painted him as a petulant teenager with no self control and no boundaries. He stayed up all night tweeting gibberish. He tweeted about sex tapes. He tweeted conspiracies so bizarre that even the conspiracy theorists couldn’t wrap their heads around it. But on Monday night, in the midst of an apparent psychotic break which saw him rambling at random about a CNN reporter, Donald Trump did something entirely new: he quoted some random sixteen year old high school kid.

That’s right, the would-be “President of the United States” has now crumbled psychologically to the point that he’s just quoting anyone who comes along. Donald Trump was laying into CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny, who had dared to factually report that Trump’s recent claim of “millions” of illegal voters wasn’t based on any evidence. Trump began randomly retweeting anyone who expressed agreement with him. He quoted a Twitter user whose name is @HighOnHillcrest, which may be a drug reference. He quoted another Twitter user whose profile is decorated with guns and skulls. He retweeted someone who advocates throwing chairs at people. And then he quoted a Twitter user who just happens to be a high schooler.

“Pathetic – you have no sufficient evidence that Donald Trump did not suffer from voter fraud, shame! Bad reporter,” tweeted @FiIibuster, which Donald Trump then quoted and tweeted himself. As it turns out, @FiIibuster is a kid named Seth, who according to his own Twitter bio is sixteen years old. We strongly recommend you leave this kid alone, even if you dislike his political views. He shouldn’t have been dragged into this in the first place. But when the so called “president-elect” is dragging random high school kids into his viciously idiotic and dishonest Twitter attacks, it’s evidence that the man is deranged to the point of being unfit for office – and the Electoral College should consider this incident when making its ultimate decision.

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