MAGA loons flame out

Big-Lie Believers, MAGA-morons, QAnon-ninnies; have they all been simply conned? Deceived by Trump? Yes, they have fallen under the sway of the Grand Orange Deceiver but they are also self-deceived. They are deceived by their own, deeply-imbedded belief in white nationalism, racism and anti-science, amongst other things. Most assuredly, for most of MAGA-land these are belief systems, The various denominations of those beliefs range from Ammosexualism to Belief in the Myth of Lost Cause of the Confederacy. It is these bogus and sociopathic belief systems which they are defending with red caps, violence and miss-spelled banners.

As astrophysicist and author, Neil DeGrasse-Tyson, is purported to have said: ‘The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.’ He has also been quoted as saying, ‘Science is basically an inoculation against charlatans’. How very poignant.

With Donald J. Trump, like a displaced T-Rex, still racing in our rear-view mirror, the words of Dr DeGrasse-Tyson must become a clarion call for us to gird for ideological battle. The Great Orange Deceiver is amongst us, yet. For Donald J. Trump is the charlatan of charlatans. Some of his adjunct charlatans are Mike Lindell, Rudy Ghouliani Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Mike Flynn and many others that you, Dear Reader, can name in your sleep.

They have deceived and hornswaggled the dwindling base of the MAGA-cult. They have utilized the Big-Lie as a central thesis to their con-game. Trump’s aim is to attain the office of president again by any means, criminal or otherwise. However, his quest to satisfy his unslakable ego will only entrance the drooling MAGA-mutts for just so long.

The veterans of Charlottesville are desirous of redder meat. That’s where the belief in white nationalism comes into play.
‘The (fill in the blank) will not replace us’.

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