Bad news for Trump stooge Mark Meadows

The January sixth commission are doing their work and doing it well. And now it appears that there is a new name added to the list of individuals the committee is seeking information on. That person would be Mark Meadows — the former chief of staff for the impeached imbecile. (Thank you, Palmer Report reader, for that great nickname.)

Meadows was about as close to the imbecile as one could be. So it does indeed make a whole lot of sense for his name to turn up on the list of people the committee is investigating. The committee is asking telecom companies to preserve phone records of Meadows, which surely cannot make him happy.

I applaud the actions of our committee. They certainly are leaving no stone unturned, which I am sure must be infuriating to the insurrection party, but there isn’t much they can do about it, although Kevin McCarthy is trying his best.

It is also important to note that there could indeed be other people appearing on the list that we do not even know about yet. It does stand to reason that the more information obtained, the better understanding we will all have of what exactly happened on that deadly and terrible day.

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