Kellyanne Conway insists profane late night tweet was from “fake account”

Donald Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway is now locked in a dispute with the Twitterverse as to whether a profane midnight tweet purportedly from her account was actually from her. Numerous Twitter users are passing around screen captures of a profane and grammatically incorrect tweet supposedly from Conway which reads “More hyper-partisan trolls coming out to play on twitter. I can’t wait for you bitches get over it.” They’re insisting she tweeted it and then quickly deleted it. She insists it’s from a “fake account.” But (very real) subsequent response to those challenging her may be just as disturbing.

To be clear, we have been unable to determine with any certainty whether the supposed Conway tweet in question was from her or not. The screen capture does come from her correct Twitter username and includes the blue verified checkmark. However, skilled tech geeks would have the ability to append a fake tweet to a real username.

This comes almost immediately after someone on Donald Trump’s staff deleted one of his tweets which included an embarrassingly made-up word. But again, there’s no way to confirm for sure whether the Conway tweet in question is real or not. What makes it newsworthy is her subsequent response.

In response to those Twitter users who were passing around the screen capture of the profane tweet from Conway, she replied with the following: “all you geniuses being snookered by a fake account! and I don’t speak like that. get some fresh air, folks (and a buddy/hobby).” She then added the following: “I AM educated & proper – enough to know this is a fake account…your excuse? why would I speak like that (or care at all?)”

In other words, while trying to make the case that the original supposed tweet couldn’t be from her because she doesn’t care enough to wrestle in the social media mud with her detractors, she proceeded to roll in the social media mud with her detractors. Again, we have no way of determining whether the original tweet was from Conway or if she was the victim of a hoax. But her responses to the incident, which can very much be confirmed to have come from her, are eye opening in their own right.

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