John McCain threatens to sue “president-elect” Donald Trump

If Donald Trump was expecting to get the full cooperation of all the Republicans in the House and Senate, he’s quickly find out that it may not be quite that easy. Even as some congressional Republicans have raced to embrace “president-elect” Trump in the hope of gaining favor for their conservative legislative agendas, other prominent GOP leaders are preparing to fight against him on certain issues. In fact newly reelected Senator John McCain has just publicly threatened to sue Donald Trump.

John McCain, a veteran of the Vietnam War and former prisoner of war who is entering what will likely be his final six-year term as a Senator from Arizona, announced that he’ll do anything necessary to stop Donald Trump from torturing or waterboarding enemy combatant. “I don’t give a damn” how Trump feels on the issue, McCain asserted today, as conveyed by Politico. He added that if the Trump administration tries to go forward with such policies, which have already been deemed illegal, “I swear to you that we’d have them in court in a New York minute.”


This represents the most notable publish pushback against Donald Trump by a Republican member of Congress since he illegitimately won the election eleven days ago. Some other Republicans have pushed back against Trump’s choice of white supremacist Steve Bannon for White House Chief Strategist, even as congressional Democrats have stood up against Bannon in emphatic terms. But John McCain’s angry public threat of hauling Trump into court over waterboarding represents a major crack in what Trump had been hoping would be a Republican congress united behind him.

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