Donald Trump parts ways with Monica Crowley, loses third senior advisor in three weeks

Donald Trump hasn’t even taken office, and he’s lost yet another senior advisor from his would-be administration in the past three weeks. First it was Jason Miller, who quit over an alleged sex scandal. Then it was James Woolsey, who quit amid CIA controversy. And nine days ago a plagiarism scandal erupted around Monica Crowley, a former Fox News host who had been announced for a major national security role in the Trump White House – and that’s now resulted in her exit as well.

Crowley’s 2012 book titled “What the Bleep Just Happened” was discovered to have had at least fifty different instances of plagiarism, stealing from sources ranging from her colleagues at Fox News to, strangely, Wikipedia. Yesterday the publisher Harper Collins announced that it was pulling the book so it could get the mess straightened out. And, apparently sensing that the scandal was about to get even larger, Trump and Crowley parted ways today according to CNN, with no clear signal on whether he pushed her into leaving or whether she bailed of her own accord.


With three of Donald Trump’s planned White House Senior Advisors now having been pushed out by scandal or controversy before they could even get to the White House, it points to how difficult of a time he’s having finding anyone who wants to work for him who isn’t already damaged goods (Miller, Crowley), and how difficult of a time he has of retaining the people who aren’t damaged goods (Woolsey). Our educated guess is that Kellyanne Conway could be the next to go.

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