Donald Trump says after he’s sworn in, he’ll immediately take three days off

Donald Trump hasn’t even been sworn in yet, and he’s already plotting his first vacation. In fact he’ll be going on that vacation before he even does a lick of work. He’s announced that immediately after the inauguration, which is a Friday, he’ll be taking the rest of the day off. Then he’ll also be taking the entire weekend off for good measure.

“One of the first orders I’m gonna sign — day one — which I will consider to be Monday as opposed to Friday or Saturday,” Donald Trump has informed British newspaper The Times. “I mean my day one is gonna be Monday because I don’t want to be signing and get it mixed up with lots of celebration.” That’s right, Trump is admitting, to the foreign press no less, that he’s afraid to sign any legislation on his first (or second or third) day in office because he’s afraid he might get it “mixed up.”


What is he afraid of, that he’s going to accidentally sign the wrong executive order and unwittingly get us all nuked? Because for the record, that’s what most of us are currently afraid of. It turns out Trump wasn’t kidding about being a part timer. And they called Barack Obama the Vacation President?

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