Indict the bastard

Where is the predominating dialog on the MSM about the impending indictment and arrest of the Former Guy and his henchmen? It’s as if Trump is the black-sheep uncle with a drinking and gambling problem that no family member wants to talk about.

The Orange Arsehole’s litany of despicable, immoral, unethical and unlawful actions shouldn’t have to be regurgitated on an hourly basis for the context to be realized. One needn’t be obliged to bring up the scores of sexual assault allegations. One needn’t reprise the erroneous narrative which Trump established of mistrust in the American electoral process. One shouldn’t have to recount the plethora of examples of his ineptitude, his incompetence or his disdain for the sacrosanct conventions of the Republic.

How often does it have to be shouted from rooftops that Donald J. Trump is the only president in history to ever be impeached twice? How many violent insurrection attempts must be made under the Mango Maniac’s direction? How many times must the Former Guy subvert the DOJ before the context is fully appreciated?

It is hoped that the passage of part one of the massive infrastructure bill will not make the Democrats complacent. They must beat the drum for the criminal indictment and arrest of Donald J Trump on charges of sedition, fomenting rebellion, wanton, willful endangerment of the citizenry, tax evasion, tax avoidance, bank fraud, and money-laundering.

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