FBI still investigating Russian email server inside Trump Tower; Betsy DeVos connection confirmed

Four months after it was first reported elsewhere that the FBI had gained a FISA warrant to investigate an alleged Russian email server inside Trump Tower, it’s now being confirmed by CNN that the FBI is still investigating the server in question. And one month after Palmer Report first reported that the server was connected to Trump’s Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, this is also being confirmed. It appears these new confirmations have surfaced as a direct result of Trump’s recent false accusations about President Obama.

Here’s the timeline as we now know it. Back on October 31st of last year, Slate was the first to report that internet traffic patterns pointed to a private email server inside Trump Tower whose primary purpose was to communicate with a Russian bank. Then on November 7th, Heat Street was the first to report that a federal judge had granted a FISA warrant allowing the FBI to monitor that server. These reports were both solid, but neither report was taken seriously by most other news outlets at the time, and the story faded.

But over the weekend, Donald Trump began touting a warped version of the story, falsely insisting that there were phone wiretaps involved and that President Obama had ordered them. Trump has been quickly debunked on this claim by nearly everyone involved. However, it’s brought renewed interest to the original reporting on the Trump Tower email server. And now CNN is confirming today that the FBI investigation into the server is still ongoing, thus vindicating those who first broke the story last year.

In addition, CNN is now reporting on the connection between the Trump Tower Russia email server and the Betsy DeVos-controlled company Spectrum Health. Palmer Report first reported on the DeVos-Russia server story a month ago. Palmer Report also reported earlier this week that the email server in question was shut down three days before Russia-tainted campaign adviser Carter Page quit the Donald Trump campaign, although CNN has yet to acknowledge this detail. Contribute to Palmer Report

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