Every member of Electoral College to receive report on Donald Trump’s Russia ties

Even as three state recounts seek to explain Donald Trump’s seemingly impossible upset victories amid a stunning level of impossible math, clumsily revised numbers and shoddy excuses, the five hundred and thirty-eight members of the Electoral College must make up their own minds whether to hand the election to Hillary Clinton instead. If they’re already doubting Trump’s legitimacy amid accusations that the Russians may have rigged the election on his behalf, they’re about to be given plenty of ammunition in that regard.

After the FBI Director tried to mislead the public into believing that he was investigating Hillary Clinton just eleven days before the election (a false claim which he quietly walked back nine days later), Senator Harry Reid tried to level the playing field by revealing that the FBI had been secretly investigating the Donald Trump campaign’s connections to the Russians. The FBI then quickly responded by leaking a story to the New York Times in which it claimed the investigation hadn’t turned up anything, a rather transparent attempt at covering for Trump.

But shortly after the election, the Dworkin Report asserted that the FBI had ignored nearly all of the available evidence in its rush to publicly declare before election day that Donald Trump was clean. As it turns out, tomorrow the group behind the Dworkin Report will be delivering a copy to every member of the Electoral College.


It’s not immediately clear what impact the Trump-Russia evidence might have on the Electors, the majority of whom have been assigned by their state governments to vote for Donald Trump, even though Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by two-million plus votes. If Clinton wins all three recounts, it won’t matter, as she’ll gain enough electoral votes to be the winner. But even if she wins just one or two of the states in question, and those recounts reveal that the vote totals were significantly rigged in Trump’s favor, that could prompt the Electors to give Trump’s Russia ties a serious look in deciding whether to flip their votes.

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