Jill Stein needs immediate volunteers in Pennsylvania to gather recount affidavit signatures

Even as officials in Wisconsin and Michigan have stated that they’re preparing for the recounts that have been put in motion by third party candidate Jill Stein, which could end up shifting the presidency from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton in the process, Stein is now working to make a Pennsylvania recount happen. She has the funding, but due to state law, she needs the signatures of at least three voters in every precinct. As such she’s asking for immediate volunteers to drive across Pennsylvania and find three locals willing to sign affidavits in each precinct.

This matter is considered crucial in that, unlike the other two states, Pennsylvania has put this step in place in an attempt to make it more difficult to trigger a recount. Even as Jill Stein is asking Pennsylvania residents to commit on her website to signing such an affidavit, she’s also actively seeking people who are willing to drive around in the state’s rural areas in order to get the signatures.

Considering how controversial the 2016 election results have proven to be, and the sheer number of Americans who believe the results weren’t legitimate, there should easily be far more than three people in each Pennsylvania precinct who want a recount. The only difficulty comes down to the logistics of getting to them in time, as the recount effort in Pennsylvania aims to move forward as quickly as possible.

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