Donald Trump renews vow to punish visa abusers, forgets to mention Melania is one of them

In what might amount to the closest thing the nation is going to get to an actual policy address from Donald Trump during his time as “president-elect,” he released a two and a half minute video in which he listed off a handful of generic things he plans to do in his first hundred days in the White House. For most of them he offered no plans for making any of it happen. But he did emphasize how he’ll bust foreign nationals who abuse the U.S. visa system – while forgetting to mention that his own wife Melania is the most notorious visa abuser in the nation.

“On immigration I will direct the Department of Labor to investigate all abuses of visa programs that undercut the American worker,” was the totality of what Donald Trump had to say during his new video, which felt just as generic and simplistic as his campaign promises. But here’s the kicker: not did Melania Trump enter the United States in 1995 as an illegal immigrant, the Chicago Tribune reports that she worked ten different modeling jobs in the U.S. in blatant violation of our visa system.


So did Donald Trump just unwittingly vow to crack down on his own wife for her illegal activities, or is he planning to give amnesty to those who have already illegally immigrated and abused the visa system in the process. He failed to specify. But if he does indeed crack down on those who have abused the visa system in the past and are still here, it will need to be pointed out that he’ll have to dole out the same criminal punishment for Melania that he does for anyone else.

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