Donald Trump campaign staffer in Michigan convicted of felony election fraud

Even though Donald Trump spent the entirety of the 2016 election insisting (without offering evidence) that the election was going to be “rigged” against him, it turns out recounts are about to get underway in three states which mounting evidence suggests may have been rigged for him. And at the worst possible time for Trump in the perception department, one of his own campaign staffers has just been convicted of felony election fraud.

To be clear, Brandon Hall โ€“ who worked for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign in the key swing state of Michigan โ€“ was convicted today for felony election fraud he committed in 2012 on behalf of a different candidate. Hall falsified thousands of signatures in order to get a judicial candidate named Chris Houghtaling onto the ballot, which is a felony. It took four years for Hall to finally be tried and convicted, as reported today by local Michigan newspaper Grand Haven Tribune โ€“ during which time he went on to work for Trump’s campaign.

There is no known evidence that Brandon Hall committed any illegal activities while working for the Donald Trump 2016 campaign in Michigan. However, his conviction for 2012 election fraud comes just days before a recount is set to begin in Michigan to determine whether the election results in the state were legitimate. Even as recount proponents try to make the legal case and the popular case for the recount, and Trump tries to belittle the recount effort, he’s now left with Hall’s conviction hanging around his neck like an albatross.


Meanwhile, numerous oddities and inconsistencies have surfaced in the 2016 Michigan presidential vote totals. For instance, once 100% of precincts had fully reported, Donald Trump had a lead of more than thirteen thousand votes. But since that time, his lead has mysteriously shrunk to just over ten thousand votes, as various precincts have since revised their totals without explanation. Michigan’s official numbers also claim that 87,000 people showed up just to vote in downticket races while skipping the presidential vote, even though there were no Governor or Senate races in the state to attract that kind of downticket-only interest. And now one of Trump’s staffers in the state was just convicted of felony election fraud. The recount is forthcoming.

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