What Caitlyn Jenner is really trying to pull off

There aren’t too many things worse than reality stars who mistakenly think they can run a country (or a state). Their political campaigns tend to be flashy, glitzy, and more style than substance. We can already see that happening in the case of one Caitlyn Jenner.

Jenner(Drama-California) has announced her decision to run for California Governor in the state recall election. Jenner mistakenly thinks she has a chance at winning. Or maybe she knows she doesn’t, and it’s all just a ploy to launch a new reality show. Who knows? But she will never be able to win.

Her campaign page is filled with pleas for money, yet there are no policy initiatives listed. Of course, that could change at any time. But Jenner is tweeting and what she’s saying makes me convinced that this is nothing but a game to her.

Here is a tweet of hers referencing the election: “Gavin Newsom is so threatened by our campaign that he’s trying to fundraise off my announcement instead of focusing on doing his actual job. This is what entrenched politicians do. They play politics instead of doing what’s right for the people of California. #RecallNewsom”

This is a typical Republican tweet. It says nothing about what type of platform Jenner will run. California is one of the most liberal states in the country, and I highly doubt Jenner will receive much support. The replies to this tweet and others she has made are mostly people telling her to go away. She has no platform, no experience, and isn’t Donald Trump.


At this point, I feel safe in saying Bugs Bunny has a better shot than Jenner. (And Mr. Bunny would do a better job than Jenner). Take her campaign with a grain of salt. And don’t be surprised if Jenner eventually drops out and announces a new reality show. That is something that would be no surprise at all.

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