Lauren Boebert is having the worst week ever

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) isn’t interested in or capable of good governance, so she often takes to social media, much like the previous president, to spread misinformation and sow chaos. Earlier this week, Boebert inexplicably tweeted that “Joe Biden has zero authority to cancel the 4th of July.” Lest there be consternation, rest assured that President Biden is not going to cancel Independence Day. The president had merely expressed hopes that Americans would celebrate the day safely in small groups, avoiding incautious celebrations that could worsen the pandemic. Taking her cues from the conspiracy-prone right and indulging in spreading disinformation, Boebert irresponsibly chose to distort the president’s words in an attempt to create scandal where there was none.

Boebert wasn’t done with that. This weekend, she again took to Twitter to randomly declare that “denying vaccine access to White people doesn’t make you woke, it makes you racist.” It’s uncertain what inspired the Colorado representative to tweet this. All people aged 16 and up are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in this country, and white people aren’t being denied inoculation. Some jurisdictions have rightfully put into place programs to ensure that marginalized communities are not left out of the vaccination efforts; this constitutes good practice, not anti-white racism. Again, Boebert has chosen to disregard facts and background information, all in an infantile effort to draw attention to herself.

Boebert’s actions are disingenuous and ill-considered. She is ill-informed, unprepared, and too immature to be a member of Congress. She meets her goal of drawing attention to herself, but the attention is negative and only serves to highlight her unfitness to be in the US House of Representatives. President Biden isn’t canceling Independence Day, but Colorado’s third congressional district has the opportunity to cancel Boebert at the ballot box next year.

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