Turns out Donald Trump’s pandemic response was even more inept and dishonest than we knew

The House Select Committee on the Coronavirus Crisis released a report Friday. In what should be a surprise to no one, the committee found that the Orange Florida Man (OFM) White House, “engaged in a staggering pattern of political interference in the pandemic response and failed to heed early warnings about the looming crisis” and that OFM’s maladministration had put American lives at risk, undermined public health, and was one of America’s worst leadership failures ever.

Especially egregious was the political interference from Trump maladministration officials, the failure of the OFM maladministration to address supply shortages and come up with an early strategy to deal with the pandemic, and the mismanagement of relief funds led to profiteering and fraud. The cluster fornicate of a response is not entirely the OFM’s fault. There are plenty of state and local government officials that have or are continuing to hamper effective pandemic response. (Looking at you, CovidKim Reynolds). Along with lots of willing allies in Congress who were more interested in sucking up to OFM and the base than doing the jobs they swore they would.


But I think the report shows that most of the blame for the disastrous response to the pandemic falls on the shoulders of the OFM and his maladministration. If not for these failures at the top, I think we wouldn’t be in the boat we are now, with over 800,000 dead. OFM’s handling of the pandemic isn’t a criminal offense but he did a grave disservice and failed to do his damn job.

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