Legal expert believes Donald Trump is going to be indicted in New York for racketeering

Even as Donald Trump’s election tampering and role in the January 6th insurrection continue to come further into focus, it’s important to keep in mind that New York has an ongoing criminal investigation into Trump over his finances that’s reached the grand jury stage. Earlier this week Forbes testified to the grand jury about Trump’s falsified asset valuations, which is a felony if you lie about it on something like a mortgage application; Michael Cohen has long contended that Trump did precisely that.

David Cay Johnston, who has been investigating and reporting on Donald Trump for decades, is certainly a legal expert when it comes to Trump’s finances. He appeared on MSNBC today and, as flagged by Raw Story, stated that he’s “certain” New York prosecutors will indict Trump. He went on to say he anticipates that it’ll specifically include “racketeering” charges.

Johnston added that New York prosecutors “would not have done all of this” – referring to the massive evidence collecting effort and grand jury proceedings – unless they’re going to indict Donald Trump.


As for the question everyone keeps asking, Johnston declined to predict a precise timeframe for the indictment, pointing to the millions of pages of documents that New York prosecutors have had to work through. But when you consider that prosecutors are having witnesses testify to a grand jury this week, it’s reasonable to expect indictments to drop soon. Manhattan DA Cy Vance is retiring at the end of this month, and based on the grand jury proceedings taking place up against the holidays like this, he appears intent on indicting Trump before he leaves office. Stay tuned.

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