Tucker Carlson’s tinfoil hat army is out of control

I am sure many of you remember the tragedy in Waco, Texas. That story haunted many. David Koresh was the cult leader’s name, and the federal raid and siege ended in much tragedy. I mention these events because of the former guy.

The insanity of the former guy’s minions is becoming more and more concerning with each passing day. I am sure there are many in the cult of the former guy who would literally do anything he asked. If he told them ISIS was a friend, they would start defending ISIS. If he told them, Hillary Clinton was secretly a Republican, and his friend, all of a sudden, they would love Hillary Clinton. The cult’s minds are mush. They belong to the former guy, body, and soul.

It must be a terrifying way to live. And now there are new conspiracy theories making the rounds. Take the story of Wicked Tucker Carlson, who the guy in Montana told off.

Would it surprise you to hear that there are already whispers that this man is a secret spy? Would it surprise you to hear that there are rumblings that people were listening in secretly to Tucker Carlson, and that is how they knew where he’d be that day?

I would really like to hear from some cult deprogrammers about what can be done to break the zombie-like state these people are in.

I share these stories to show the danger these people have come to represent. And why it is so imperative that we fight like hell. Because though the cult leader is out of office and will never be back, his angry and vicious worshipers remain.