The DOJ has got to make a move on Michael Flynn

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Michael Flynn hates the United States, and he hates democracy. Nothing he does seems to indicate otherwise. That he’s a retired United States Army Lieutenant General with strong ties and apparent allegiance to QAnon is particularly disconcerting. It’s unclear just when Flynn turned on the country he had pledged to serve altruistically.

Footage has recently surfaced of a California event at which Flynn was given a semi-automatic rifle at a church. It’s rich that the pro-life crowd saw no inappropriateness in gifting a killing machine to an inciter of violence. That was bad enough, but Flynn then made this dog whistle of a remark: “Maybe I’ll find somebody in Washington, DC,” to the delighted laughter and glee of the crowd assembled in the house of worship. Flynn may try to pass his quip off as a joke, but it’s more likely that it could serve as instructional to the conspiracy-loving, anti-democracy QAnon crowd. We all know exactly to what Flynn was referring, just as we all know the message he was unsubtly sending.

As a reward for his multiple wrong-doings on behalf of the previous administration, Flynn received a corrupt pardon from the then-president in November of 2020. Angry at the outcome of the 2020 election, Flynn suggested that the former commander in chief suspend the Constitution, silence the media, and hold a new and rigged election under direction of the military. Flynn is dangerous to the country, as his deranged voice is far-reaching and falls on many susceptible ears.

Flynn’s Twitter account was permanently suspended in early 2021, but he continues to communicate with other traitors via other channels and remains highly popular with the QAnon lot. Referencing assassination with a gun in hand is a serious threat, and Flynn should not be walking around free; it’s time for his arrest. After all, Flynn is no longer pardon-protected.

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