Tucker Carlson just found a whole new way to embarrass himself

Tucker Carlson has really gone to a new low. Now Fox News and Tuckums are claiming the Jan. 6th insurrection was instigated by the FBI. Tucker doesn’t believe this, of course. After all, Trump’s DOJ was just that — it was weaponized against Trump’s enemies.

This harebrained theory was originated by an article published Monday on Revolver News, a right-wing website which has a history of recklessness, at best. Tuckums used the story in his opening segment Tuesday night. Several lunatic lawmakers piled on and entered the asinine article into the Congressional record, condemning FBI agents who purportedly “organized and participated” in the Capitol attack, and actually demanding answers from the FBI Director.

Legal experts laughed off Carlson’s “half-truths and inaccurate drivel,” breaking down perceived bombshells in court filings, supposedly revealing how “FBI operatives were organizing the attack.” Even Twitter fact-checked Tuckums’ comments Wednesday afternoon, calling them a “baseless suggestion” but the right-wing nuts had already gone viral with the madcap story, of course.

The crux of the conspiracy is that several indictments against Capitol rioters accused of planning the attack with extremist groups include references to “unindicted co-conspirators” which the article claimed “could be” FBI informants or undercover agents who infiltrated the groups, then played a role in planning the attack and storming the Capitol. Anyone with half a brain knows the “unindicted co-conspirators” are most likely insurrectionists who flipped on others in their extremist groups or higher up in the conspiracy, in order to cut an immunity deal.


Let’s face it, if we had FBI informants imbedded in the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, etc., while the Capitol attack was being planned, it never would have happened or, at a minimum, we would have been much better prepared for it and would not have had five deaths and numerous severely-injured police officers (whom the same lunatic lawmakers care nothing about). Tuckums took “could be” on a goofball right-wing website, and ran with it. As usual, Tuckums just wants attention, and will use any fake excuse for his false claims that the insurrectionists are actually “patriots” who should be forgiven.

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