Trumpism is officially in decline

There has been some talk – here at Palmer Report and elsewhere – that the MAGA-cult, Trumpism and TFG have lost adherents. After the January 6th Insurrection and The Orange Blob slithering out of the Oval Office, the bloom has seemed to have gone off the rose for MAGA-world.

Of course, the mainstream media is all about raising alarms about bogey-men and dreadful chimeras to haunt the hearts of the populace and boost ratings, so the message MSM delivers is that Trump and the MAGA-mutts loom as large as ever.

Make no mistake, the stench of Trumpism, the Big-Lie and red-capped MAGA-dolts still permeates the air, choking us with its vile effluvia. President Joe Biden, thankfully, has taken healthy steps to disinfect the halls of government by removing Trump sycophants from cushy patronage positions. (Bye-Bye, Kellyanne!)

However, the dark, dystopian hangover we’re suffering as a result of the toxicity of Trump and Trumpism will linger long. There is no simple ipecac that will alleviate our symptoms. Raw eggs in ginger ale won’t do it.

We can, though, take heart in the fact that the number of staunch adherents to MAGA-land are in decline. Prime evidence of this is the announced death by COVID-19 of conservative, anti-vax radio-ghouls such as Phil Valentine, Marc Bernier (who had dubbed himself ‘Mr. Anti-Vax’), and now, Denver-based pastor and talk-show doofus, Bob Enyart has slipped his mortal coil. (Pardon if I don’t sympathize.)

If you don’t recognize these names, it’s understandable. Laudable, even. These are not household names to anyone outside QAnon/MAGA-world but they are influential in the demented demographics of those who share that psychosis.


Another bit of reassuring evidence is the number of insurrectionists who are being charged with federal crimes for their ‘exuberance’ on January 6th. According to, 642 have been charged, thus far. That number will continue to grow as MAGA-goofs like the QANON Shaman flip on their fellow traitorous dunderheads. All is not well, my friends. We must remain vigilant, but, we can take heart that Trumpism is on the wane.

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