Trump stooge Mark Meadows has some explaining to do

Newly-uncovered emails provided to Congress reveal the former’s guys’ increased desperation to remain president during his last weeks in office, and just how far off the grid he was going.

Former chief of staff Mark Meadows repeatedly pushed the acting Attorney General to investigate unfounded and baseless accusations of election fraud, in violation of long-standing rules that White House staff never contact the DOJ directly. So what was the emergency to justify Mark Meadows’ flagrant violations of these rules? Conspiracy theories, of course, including one that Italy had somehow altered votes from Trump to Biden, using military technology and satellites in the sky to tamper with US voting machines on the ground. (This eerily reminds me of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s claim that Jewish space lasers started the wildfires in California.)

Meadows sent five emails last January to Jeffrey Rosen, the acting AG, to examine debunked election fraud claims in New Mexico and an array of baseless conspiracy claims that Trump was the true presidential victor. By all accounts, Rosen didn’t waste his time on such nonsense, and refused to broker a meeting between the FBI and a man who had posted videos online promoting the Italy conspiracy theory, known as Italygate.

You may recall Meadows also made a surprise visit to Georgia looking for Trump votes, which officials there said “smelled of desperation” and joined Trump’s January 2nd phone call to Republican SOS Raffensperger, currently under investigation for urging alteration of the presidential election outcome in Georgia.


But these latest emails reportedly reveal not only desperation, but totally outlandish conspiracy claims of the Twilight Zone variety. No wonder Barr finally gave up and stopped kissing Trump’s ring.

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