Donald Trump’s disastrous rally speech reveals just how much of a goner he truly is

Holding political rallies was one of the few things that Donald Trump actually enjoyed about being in politics, and in fact it’s one of the few aspects of politics that he can still participate in now that he’s been booted out of office. Yet it took Trump nearly halfway through 2021 before he finally held a full fledged political rally on Saturday night. Now it’s clear why.

Trump’s speech revealed that he’s declined sharply in his physical and cognitive health since he left office. He was already noticeably declining as the 2020 election cycle went on, but what we saw out of him on Saturday night was just plain sad. In fact he’s falling apart so badly, he’s lucky so few TV channels aired his speech.

That’s not just our take. Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell tweeted this in response: “Put politics aside and pray for the health of Donald Trump. He looked lethargic and sounded soft tonight.” Yeah, it really was that bad. If you had the misfortune to watch the speech, then you know what we and Swalwell are talking about.

It’s now clear why Trump’s remaining handlers have gone this long without letting him hold a rally. The narrative that Trump still has a future in politics is dependent on the public’s belief that he still has a functioning brain and isn’t on the verge of croaking. Now that his handlers have finally allowed him to hold a rally, even those who want to prop up the “Trump 2024” delusion are going to have a hard time selling it. It’s why even Fox News didn’t air more than a few seconds of Trump’s speech. They know he’s gone; they don’t want their audience to know he’s gone.

We’ll see whether the ever-delusional Donald Trump ends up getting the message that his rally speech was a disaster, that he’s falling to pieces, and that he’s no longer fit to appear in public in any capacity. Perhaps not. But if nothing else, Saturday night’s speech may help steer the mainstream media in the direction of admitting that Trump is a guy who obviously has no future in any election or in public life in general. He’s just that far gone.

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