Josh Hawley flames out

America has been through a great deal. There has been joy and tragedy, loss and triumphs. Yet, through it all, our great country has persevered. And history has been a guide for all of us.

History is essential. It can guide and teach is as well as educate us. And one way it can do this is through photos. There are many photos of both good and evil that have become touchstones for what to do or what not to do. These photos are in the archives of United States History to be pondered and studied by generation after generation.

We have “A man on the moon.” We have that tragic yet so beautiful photo of JFK Jr. saluting his father’s coffin. And we also have disturbing and historical dark images that remind us of what NOT to do.

That brings me to Senator Josh Hawley (evil-Insurrection party-Missouri). Senator Hawley has suggested that Anthony Fauci resign. He did not do this because he believes that.

No, Hawley is once again pandering. And he is doing that in an ugly and wicked way. I am not even going to post Hawley’s tweet here. It is that disgusting. Hawley is no different than Trump and the January Sixth insurrectionists. He is thirsty for power, which is why he attacks a man who Hawley frankly isn’t fit to be in the same room as.

And now I go back to the historical photos. Hawley has been and will be punished for his evil behavior for the rest of eternity.

The photo of his fist raised in support of the January sixth terrorists will join the dark images in the historical archives. Long after we are gone, centuries from now, there will be people who study and try to understand our moment in time. And Hawley’s face will be the poster child for the events that occurred on January Sixth.

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