Trump stooge Allen West gets lambasted after COVID debacle

Another GOP right–wing anti-vaxxer, Texas gubernatorial candidate Allen West, has been hospitalized with COVID, pneumonia, and low oxygen. West no doubt received prime medical treatment in Texas at great expense (and is now apparently back home), as opposed to getting an inexpensive vaccine to prevent COVID in the first place.

The selfishness of West and other right-wing blockhead anti-vaxxers hoarding valuable hospital space for preventable COVID treatment has caused those suffering with heart disease, cancer, or some other serious illness other than COVID, not being able to gain access to needed in-patient treatment, often with fatal consequences.

West tweeted that his bout with COVID and receiving monoclonal antibody treatment made him more determined than ever to oppose vaccine mandates. He is appropriately being ripped by many responses to his idiotic tweet, such as one likening West to “crashing your car, being saved by the Jaws of Life and saying you’ll never wear a seatbelt again. Such is the Trumpublican mode of death wish cult thinking.

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