Mitch McConnell is trying to pull a fast one

Poor Moscow Mitch. He’s a formidable opponent when he has actual power to abuse. But when he’s in the minority, he has to try to pretend that he is still in control.

McConnell read the tea leaves and figured out that his beloved filibuster would not survive if the GOP refused to do their part to increase the debt limit and pay for the excesses of the Trump era. This tells us that Manchin and Sinema were closer to caving on the filibuster issue than had been previously reported.

But then old Mitch learned the dangers of the GOP’s relentless propaganda wars. If you unleash the rage of the masses, you lose control. There is no reasoning with people who substitute emotion for logic. The “wall good, taxes bad” mob doesn’t understand nuance or political strategy. And so, Mitch faced a revolt from his own party and almost couldn’t run his defensive play. Now Mitch’s weakness is on full display to Trump World, and the sharks can taste the blood in the water.

What’s an old turtle to do? Why, fire off an angry letter to scold the U. S. Attorney General for enforcing the law, of course! Mitch lays down some level 10 hypocrisy about how public servants should listen to the voters. Perhaps Mitch should take a civics course as a refresher – the Senate Minority Leader has no role to play in the administration of the Department of Justice, and his amateur take on the situation is both legally wrong and ultimately toothless, just like everything else about him.


Impotent Mitch is trying to change the subject now that Trump World can see he is powerless and flailing. His moves this week only prove that he is getting desperate. It will only get worse for him.

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