Throwing down the gauntlet

SB 202 is a Georgia bill that virtually claws away voting rights. And it has just been signed into law in Georgia. Among the detestable things included in this bill are as follows:

– Impose new voter ID restrictions.

– Limit drop boxes.

– Make it a crime to give food and water to voters waiting long hours in line.

Protesters have referred to this bill as “Jim Crow 2.0.” And it certainly is that. This fact, however, did not stop jubilant Republicans from voting for it. Governor Kemp has already said he will sign it.

So this is why it is more urgent than ever to get voter legislation passed. The Republicans are purely terrified of their own constituents and their power. So, they pass these laws to take away their voters’ control. It isn’t shocking, but it IS alarming—more than alarming.

We must make Federal voter Legislation a priority. We need to be calling our Senators and Representatives. We should also expect to see commercials on our airwaves as Democrats push back.

Can you even imagine criminalizing giving food and water to exhausted voters on lines for hours? But that is precisely what the GOP wants to do. Some of the more bizarre legislation will undoubtedly be challenged, but that is not a fast process, so we cannot and must not take our eyes off the prize. Not for a minute.

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