This is idiotic, even for Lauren Boebert

For some reason, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) has chosen to compare voting by mail to acquiring a semi-automatic rifle. Her exact words, posted to Twitter, were: “Liberals keep saying it’s easier to buy a gun than it is to vote, but I don’t seem to remember when the government sent me an AR-15 in the mail.” It would seem that Boebert thinks obtaining a killing machine should indeed be as easy as casting a ballot by mail.

Beholden to the NRA and the vilest elements on the right, Republicans do indeed want it to be easier to acquire a firearm than to vote, much less receive a ballot in the mail so more people can exercise their right to participate in democracy. It’s far too easy for bad characters with nefarious intentions to obtain weapons designed to maim and kill than it should be. And it’s harder than it should be for good citizens to obtain and cast a ballot in many places, with this difficulty disproportionately affecting people of color and those disinclined to vote for GOP candidates.

Boebert is one of the newest faces of the QAnon party, and she’s quickly becoming representative of what the right stands for. Her pride in a low level of intellect, casting of false equivalences, and proneness to outlandish conspiracy theories are indicative of where the worst right-wing characters like Boebert are headed. Instead of trying to be a party with broad appeal, the QAnon party clings to guns, voter suppression, and politicized religion as core to its philosophy. We have a massive guns problem in this country, and we see frequently what happens when the wrong people get their hands on firearms. As far as voting goes, it needs to be accessible. Real democracies and legitimate leaders welcome the votes of citizens and don’t engage in these erroneous comparisons.

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