Three strikes and you’re out

As grateful as I am that Joe Biden won the 2020 election, I’ll have to say that my jaw tightens every time I hear the slogan “Build Back Better.” Why should we have to build back at all? Consider these three Republican presidencies: Richard Nixon, George W. Bush, and Donald Trump.

Though Nixon’s presidency wasn’t marked by financial calamity, his criminality and attempts to undermine the rule of law sent the collective psyche of a then less complicated and more naïve nation into a ditch, leaving the country in a state of mind from which, in some ways, we’ve never fully recovered.

George W. Bush, possibly the greatest benefactor of the Trump occupation, was, prior to Trump, without a doubt the worst president this country ever had. He was an absolute dunce. He had no business being president. He was laughed at the world over. Republican deregulation and the financial swindle that our own geniuses on Wall St. formulated and sold worldwide left our economy and many others in a smoldering heap. And, to round out the picture, Bush committed the greatest foreign policy miscalculation in U.S. history, destroying God knows how many lives in the process.

Which brings us to Infant Donnie. Only he could rehabilitate George Bush. There’s no point in setting out any details. Trump was, simply put, walking, talking, Stage Four Cancer. Stage Four Cancer in a navy blue fat suit. Stage Four Cancer to this country and to democracy.

How many times do we have to sort through the rubble of a disastrous Republican presidency like it was the aftermath of a Category Five hurricane? The election of a Democratic president is now, by nature, an automatic FEMA disaster relief effort. Someone please explain to me why this country should ever elect another Republican president.

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