President Joe Biden has quickly ousted several of Donald Trump’s worst people

Yesterday we brought you the story of how President Joe Biden had quickly moved against several of Trump’s worst appointees. Sure enough, that process is continuing to advance today.

Yesterday Biden demanded the resignation of Trump’s corrupt National Labor Relations Board. After the guy refused to resign, Biden fired him this evening. Biden also ousted the propagandists Trump installed at Voice of America. And the Biden administration has placed Trump’s last minute NSA plant on administrative leave, and launched an investigation into what he was doing there.

Keep in mind that President Biden has only been in office for a day and a half, and he’s already ousted a huge number of the turds that Trump was hoping would remain on the job for the long term. No one could figure out why Trump was making some of these endgame moves. It’s now becoming clear that there was no coherent point at all, because Biden is just bulldozing them all.

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