Donald Trump’s tax lawyers quit as New York closes in on him

We told you we would only continue covering Donald Trump when there was news about his criminal scandals, criminal investigations, civil cases, bankruptcy, and so on. Sure enough, there’s news today out of New York that points to just how ugly things are getting for him.

Trump’s longtime tax lawyers, who had been representing him in the New York Attorney General’s investigation into his financial corruption, are quitting today, according to the Wall Street Journal. They also released a statement trying to minimize the extent to which they’d been representing Trump up to this point.

The timing can’t be ignored here. Trump just left office yesterday, and now suddenly his tax lawyers of fifteen years are abandoning him and trying to publicly distance themselves from him. Interpret it how you want, but it’s the latest sign that New York is closing in on him.

While the New York Attorney General’s probe into Trump is a civil one, the Manhattan District Attorney is running a parallel criminal investigation into Trump complete with a grand jury. Any criminal activity uncovered by the Attorney General can be, and surely already has been, turned over to the District Attorney for criminal prosecution.

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