This is a total train wreck

Trump attorney Bruce Castor was all over the place. David Schoen was at the lectern screaming conspiracy theories and arguably stoking the embers to re-incite violence. These guys are a train wreck.

Castor began his opening remarks by insisting that no one representing Trump would defend the events of January 6th, yet this is precisely what Trump did. What a lay-up. The House impeachment managers will certainly pounce on this point.

He then climbed into the different degrees of punishment and offense levels between murder and manslaughter (if he’s trying to plead out Trump for a manslaughter charge, that’s fine with us, convict him and let’s move on), before veering off into a condescending soliloquy on the elected Senators.

After spinning another word salad of who the hell knows what, he transitioned into a slight touch on the First Amendment and the right to free speech. Did he forget he’s supposed to be arguing that the trial shouldn’t be taking place at all?

Well, almost, but no. To defend that point he says the precedents being cited to proceed with this trial occurred before the revolution so they should be disregarded. I guess he does not know that our system of laws is founded upon the English common law system.

No one stifled Trump’s speech. In fact, not stifling Trump was the very thing that enabled him to incite the Insurrection. Now he has to answer for it.

Schoen is acting a fool up there playing the role of a conspiracy theorist, false victim-enabling partisan hack. His screaming, ranting, and raving nonsense is to such a level that if he did not have a jacket on, I’d think I was listening to Jim Jordan. Schoen glosses over the fact that Trump and his insurrectionist co-conspirators worked for months to disenfranchise millions of voters. Not the other way around. Your defendant isn’t the victim, Schoen. He’s the perpetrator.

These guys are a complete embarrassment. It’s not lost on anyone that the reason they’ve gone so far down this rabbit hole is because they have nothing of substance to offer. Trump’s actions before, during, and following the events of January 6, 2021 are completely indefensible.

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