Marjorie Taylor Greene goes even further off the rails

She’s crass, she’s crude, and she’s still at it. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is an embarrassment to Congress, and she’s certainly useless to her constituents in Georgia’s 14th congressional district. Greene has more time on her hands now that she’s been stripped of her committee assignments, to which she added absolutely no value, but she isn’t using her newfound free time to work for her constituents or to rehabilitate her reputation. She’s back to the same old antics and random conspiracy theories that got her into her predicament in the first place. Greene needs to be expelled, not given a bigger platform.

In recent days, video footage surfaced of Greene inappropriately caressing a cardboard cutout of the former president she’s so enthralled with. That’s immaturity one expects from prepubescents, not members of Congress. Most of us are aware of her disrespecting the dead in school shootings, her stalking and harassment of minors who’ve survived gun massacres, her anti-Jewish sentiments, her desire to see Democratic legislators executed, and numerous other outrageous behaviors and conspiracies. The QAnon party is fine with her in its ranks, and the party is rapidly devolving into the image sculpted by Greene.

We should never have leaders who are so unfit and so deranged that they have to be removed from committee assignments. We shouldn’t have legislators whose juvenile and backwards behaviors need to be monitored and assessed for dangers every day. Greene has learned nothing from her badge of shame. Her non-apology before losing her assignments didn’t save her from rebuke, so she sees no reason to stop with the outlandish and harmful QAnon cultist conduct now. As the Hartford Courant states, Greene “has a self-awareness problem.” Unfortunately, she’s America’s problem until we get her out of Congress.

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