We’re not going to tolerate this anymore

This impeachment trial is pure agony. Agony to revisit the attack on our Capitol, agony in reviewing the reasons for the impeachment that Republicans will refuse to see even though their lives were in jeopardy during the siege, and lastly, agony for Congressman Raskin who’s been heroically holding it all together in spite of the overwhelming grief of the recent loss of his son. The defense is predictably batsh*t.

But this horrible experience is, in the end, good for the country. We need to see exactly what happened here. We need to see the evidence again and again in order to hold those Republican enablers to account. There were Republican Senators who refused to watch the video as it was played. The only remedy is to play it again and again until every American is sick of it, including the traitorous Senators who are still protecting Trump.

The traitorous Republican Senators who will not vote to convict, now and forever own everything in that video. And our job as citizens is to remind them that they are in the United States of America and we don’t operate like this. Nor will we tolerate them. The Trump Senators have a target on their back because their Dear Leader will insist on their loyalty to the grave, but the US insists on their loyalty also. It’s our job to hold them to account for abandoning our principles and our country.

There is no misunderstanding what is happening here. It’s our country or Trump. In our Constitution, Americans have the right and the freedom to be in cults. But they don’t have the right to commit fraud in lying about an election, to commit violence, to commit treason against their country of which they are citizens. Reach across the aisle and shake hands with those Republicans who vote to convict Trump for what he incited at the Capitol. The rest of them need to be shunned, shamed, and reminded forever that they voted to protect the perpetrator of an insurrection on our great country.

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