This is just ugly for Fox News

A number of Faux News Channel (FNC) personalities including perennial moron Tucker Carlson have been whining about vaccine passports and asking people to verify their vaccination status, with Tucker referring to them as medical “Jim Crow laws.”

Of course, it should surprise no one that FNC’s parent company has implemented a voluntary vaccine verification system, or passport, if you will, that allows people to skip the daily check-in and health screening process, and that FNC employees can participate. It would not surprise me to find out that Tucker or people like The Five Giggling Couch Tumors not only have vaccines but have opted-in to this and are skipping the screenings now. Tucker, Hannity, and the rest of that crowd had raised hypocrisy to the level of an art form.

FNC’s behavior throughout the pandemic has been abhorrent throughout the pandemic. From spreading misinformation on behalf of the GQP and the Orange Florida Retiree (OFR), to working to sabotage mitigation measures like wearing masks and the like or talking down vaccines and engaging in anti-vax conspiracy theories for no other reason than because the current (and legitimate) President got this country into gear in getting the vaccines out to the people. In just about any other context outside news/entertainment their behavior would be considered criminal in nature.

One of Christ’s biggest pet peeves were hypocrites. (It’s also one of mine). In this day and age He would probably call out FNC and all the other GQP horses backsides for getting vaccines and railing against safety measures while getting vaccines and engaging in the same behavior their own hot air machines complain about. Along with all their other hypocritical bullshit they complain about.

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