Donald Trump Jr is falling to pieces in real time

The boy has failed. It was to be expected. Privilege had wrapped itself around the boy from an early age. He never had the opportunity to develop the skills to think for himself. He never had to know the meaning of the word: struggle.

He was born with a silver spoon. The boy’s wants and needs were always provided for. He grew up callous, untouched by intellectualism and critical thinking. None of that seemed to matter to him.

When the boy’s daddy was elected President, the boy seemed delighted. Whispers leaked out that the boy was even considering his own political run, although he lacked experience like his daddy.

Then in 2020, the boy’s father was defeated. And people danced in the streets. They laughed with joy. The whole nation celebrated.

The boy smoldered. His Twitter feed became increasingly deranged. His anger looked like it might consume him. His tweets were the ravings of a madman. He spoke of his rivals with contempt. He made accusations against President Biden. He spread disinformation and hate.

He suggested God had given good people COVID. He laughed at the fall of the George Floyd mural. The boy mocked our Democratic heroes from Texas. He mocked everyone who did not blindly believe what he did.

And what is he now? Where is he now? The answer is for Don Jr., like his father before him, he has fallen victim to his all-consuming rage. Like father, like son it could be said. They are nothing more now than history’s jokes.

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