Even for Donald Trump, this is hideous

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For all of eternity, the pendulum has swung. It has swung not just in our great country but all over the world. Dynasties have fallen. Many of them have once again risen. It all has to do with the swinging of the pendulum.

For America, the pendulum swung too far to the right in 2016. A dangerous and vile dictator was elected. This country had never seen anything like him. But we had to accept the swinging of the pendulum. Though it hurt our hearts, we bitterly took the loss but vowed to resist and fight with all our might.

And we did. And we won. In 2020, the pendulum swung the other way as pendulums are known to do. This time, it turned the correct way. A decent and courageous man was elected to lead our great nation into its next phase.

And out of the gripping darkness came the first rays of hope and ever-growing sunlight. Now the wrongs of the former guy are in the process of being corrected. But the fact is the former guy is still a clear and present danger. Just take what he said about COVID.

I will not repeat his vile words, but I will discuss his written statement. The former guy accused President Biden of being responsible for some people not getting vaccinated. He claims people do not trust the Biden administration or the election results.

This type of chatter is beneath contempt, but that’s the former guy for you. I don’t think I even need to say it is the former guy who is responsible. He and his GOP cronies have indulged in brainwashing and vile propaganda regarding COVID.

But we need to be on red alert. Because yes, we have conquered the former guy. Yes, he is nothing.

But we must continue our work and take our battle to other insurrection supporters. Because, my friends, the pendulum is always waiting for yet another chance to swing.

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