This is idiotic, even for Tucker Carlson

George Orwell was light years ahead of us in his thinking. His classic book “1984” told the story of Big Brother. It told the story of a nation where its citizens were gaslit, manipulated, and deceived. And many were tortured.

Big Brother demanded loyalty at all times. “Believe what I tell you,” was the cry of Big Brother. “Believe what I tell you, even when there is evidence that I am lying.” “Believe what I tell you even if, in fact, the opposite is true.”

I do not want to spoil the book for anyone who has not read it. But I feel the need to quote from a particular scene. The protagonist is in the process of attempted brainwashing by his torturer. His brainwasher holds up four fingers and asks said protagonist how many fingers he sees.


“And if the party says that it is not four but five-then how many?”

1984 stands as a classic. But however you feel about the book, one thing is clear. Many are being 1984ed at this very moment.

This week, the vile Tucker Carlson seized upon another conspiracy theory. And it is this: The January Sixth terrorist attack was planned by the FBI.

I could quote what Tucker specifically said, but I’d prefer not to because it is nauseating. It’s a wild conspiracy theory made up by a racist monster who delights in fueling propaganda. This theory will be believed by some, sadly. That’s because, for many, Tucker Carlson IS Big Brother. They take him at his word.

We all saw what happened that horrible day. But some, like Tucker, ask that you not believe your eyes. To put it bluntly, they want you stupid. They want you passive. They want to rob you of critical thinking skills. They want your loyalty. They do not see their followers as people. Keep going after his advertisers. We need to get this vile man off the air.

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