The Arizona election “audit” just reached a whole new level of insanity

And more on the saga of the Arizona audit commissioned by the Arizona State Senate. Arizona’s voting “data,” and I am using that term loosely, has been trucked to a “lab,” and I am also using that term loosely, on a farm in Montana near Bigfork. Referring to a barn as a laboratory is a stretch.

The Montana property is owned by the CEO of the company doing the “audit.” There’s a house and a barn there.

And another bipartisan group conducted an unofficial audit of the voter records and concluded that disaffected Republicans voted for Joe Biden in Maricopa County. Benny White, a Republican who had previously run for Pima County Recorder, Democrat Larry More and Independent Tim Halvorsen, two retired executives of Clear Ballot, looked at the 2020 Maricopa ballots and compared them with previous voting behavior.

This group said they noticed in their cast vote record analysis that there was the drop-off of Republican support for former President Trump when compared to Democrats for Biden.

According to White, 59,800 people did not vote for Trump even though they voted mostly for Republicans down-ballot. Most of those renegade Republicans, 39,102 voters crossed over to vote for Biden.

Far fewer Democratic majority voters, 38,851, did not vote for Joe Biden in the 2020 race. White found that 21,679 of them voted for Donald Trump. Overall Biden won Maricopa County by 45,109 votes.

Although Trump and the GOP might be suspicious of the 2020 Maricopa result, the truth is that Trump himself lost the election because even some Republicans could not stomach Trump’s behavior in office and in the campaign.

CyberNinja’s results won’t be accepted if there is any other conclusion. People quarrel with the idea that CyberNinja was given the ballots, they don’t like the procedures, and they will not agree with CyberNinja’s conclusions.

This was a free election and the truth is that Trump lost the election. Who owns the vote? The courts can only say that voters own their own votes. Trump and the GOP does not own the votes.

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