Kevin McCarthy whines and cries as he doesn’t get his way

Well, the leader of the GQP in the US House, Qevin McCarthy (GQP-CA), has made his feelings about how President Biden did in the recent summit with Orange Florida Man (OFM)’s puppet master Vlad Putin. And, to the surprise of no one, Qevin did not have anything good to say. Qevin would not have been satisfied even if Biden had spent the entire time in front of Putin on his knees or had gotten into a cage match with Putin right there on TV.

Qevin was whining about how Russian linked cyber-attacks have caused so much disruption, two Americans being held prisoner in Russia, and how Putin works to silence his opponents. Then he had the nerve to say Biden was not standing up to Putin and gave Putin a pass.

Bullshit. Maybe Qevin was watching a rerun of a meeting between OFM and Putin and not the most recent summit. Biden not only has tried to repair the relationship with Russia but also has told the likes of Putin that there’s a new sheriff in town and the days of his antics are over. Biden’s been letting our allies know that OFM is gone, and that America has their backs again against Putin’s aggression. He doesn’t stand there with a stupid smirk whenever Vlad shows up.

Qevin’s gripes come off more as sour grapes. I don’t think he would have been happy no matter what Biden said or did. But of course, that’s par for the course when dealing with GQP drones like Qevin. If it makes President Biden and/or the Democrats look good, the GQP now feels it must be spoken out against no matter how stupid, petty, or incompetent it makes the GQP look.

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